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Noticias de NACCS is the official newsletter of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies.

Noticias de NACCS includes current comments on Chicana and Chicano Studies, news on Chicana and Chicano scholars, Association activities and more.

The publication is a copyright of NACCS.

NACCS publishes the electronic newsletter on a regular basis.

Editors: V. June Pedraza and Carlos R. Guerrero

Noticias de NACCS Submissions Guidelines:

Guidelines for Articles Submitted for the E-Newsletter
1. Articles and other submissions must be submitted in either, Microsoft Word 2010 or earlier, Open Office, in a plain text file or typed within the body of an email. All other formats will be rejected, including “pdf”.

2. Photographs or other art work must be submitted in “jpg”, “jpeg” or “png” format only. The pictures are NOT to be imbedded within the article or an email, but submitted as separate files or attachments. Articles and emails with photographs or other art work imbedded within the article or email will be rejected.

3. Include captions for the photographs or other art work that you wish to be used. Include the caption text separately, identifying it as such and to which photograph or other art work you wish it to be applied.

4. Individual articles must be no longer than 500 words. Shorter articles are encouraged and welcome.

5. Due to space limitations, the newsletter editor may, at their discretion, edit, shorten, or not include the article or photographs (or other art work) in the e-newsletter. If an article is edited for purposes of readability or significant grammatical errors, the newsletter editor will attempt to coordinate with the article’s author to ensure any changes will not change the intent of the article.

6. The newsletter editor uses The Chicago Manual of Style and the Strunk & White The Elements of Style as guidelines for editing and resolving style, formatting and grammatical disputes.

7. All submissions must be received by the newsletter editor no later than the first of each month. Articles and other submissions may be sent to: