Annual Conference NACCS 2024

NACCS 2024 • April 24-27, San Francisco, CA

The current state of the world—catastrophic migration, climate change/crisis, attacks on ethnic studies programs including Chicana and Chicano Studies, banning of books, whitening of history, elimination of affirmative action programs, attacks on women’s reproductive rights and transgender communities, diversity, and growth of the Latinx community, including Afro-Latinx and Indigenous—is a continuation of areas that have long been our foci in the field of Chicana and Chicano Studies. Simultaneously, this moment also offers ruptures within the field of Chicana and Chicano Studies that pushes us to examine these foci anew.

Within this current state of the world, alliances and organizing—activism—continue. Such organizing mold their strategies within the changes of the 21st Century. For example, intersectional and transnational organizing of migration and climate change include farmworkers and domestic workers. What are the returns to previous strategies and alliances? Where are the partings?

Artistically, there appears to be openingsin film and music for example that need to and should be situated within the continuities of artistic and cultural productions. What is new within this moment?

How do we, as Chicana and Chicano Studies scholars, engage with the theoretical, practical, and artisticbreaks and maintenance in the first two decades of the 21st Century? In other words, how do we as academics, activists, and artists confront the returns and openings of our field? What is our place in conversations of climate change/crisis? What is our response to attacks on Ethnic Studies, including Chicana and Chicano Studies programs? How do we respond to the differences and samenesson the attacks on women’s reproductive rights and transgender communities? What does organizing look like today? How does art continue to support theory and practice?  

Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Conference Site is the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel: Guest room rates: $189 Single/Double, $199 Triple/Quad plus tax. Rates are available from April 22-28, 2024

Hilton San Francisco Union Square
333 O’Farrell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Individuals that submitted presentation proposals, notifications will be emailed on January 15, 2023. If your presentation is accepted, you must be a member and register for the conference.

Fall 2023, Vol. 49 No. 1