2015 Mid-Year Meeting Minutes

NACCS Midyear Minutes (unapproved minutes and edited for space)
Doubletree by Hilton, Denver, CO
Friday, October 23, 2014

Present: Ed Muñoz, Armando Ibarra, Carlos R. Guerrero, Nelia Olivencia, Chalane Lechuga, V. June Pedraza, Maria Gonzalez, Julia Curry Rodriguez, Kathryn Blackmer Reyes, Aureliano DeSoto

Treasurer (Chalane): Fiscal/Financial- 2014-2015 (fiscal) Financial Report/Operating Budget, tabled as Chalane and Julia need to meet.
Executive Director (Julia): Logistics for 2016 conference in Denver, CO; $89 for room; free wifi for conference participants; fundraising for 2016 conference; updating security certificates for credit card payments; signature transitions for treasurer reporting; advising board members on policy and procedures
Associate Director(Kathy): Membership renewals are ongoing 416 currently registered; website updates are occurring; Site visit with Executive Director; Advising on programming; updating all documents for paper submissions; awards nominations; updating information on website; work on list for Caucus chairs and Foco reps
Conference Call-In Caucus Chairs and Foco Reps: Present: Vanessa Fonseca, RockyM; Mary Jane Castillo, K12; Christina Sigala; Audrey Silvestre, LBMT; Samantha Rodriguez & Theresa Torres, Chicana; Frank Ortega, Grad. Board reached out to Chairs and Reps for a discussion and or questions.

New Business:
Communication With Membership—Proposed Communications Director to renew newsletter and keep membership abreast of NACCS business/deadlines/conference discussed; Board decided to send out a newsletter and continue discussion about appointing a Communications Director
Board Manual Leadership Manuals (for Foco Reps and Caucus Chairs), by-laws etc.
Nominations Committee (Past Chair, Ed, Armando, Julia): Use directory and past lists to determine nominations for positions that will become vacant in 2016. Make a grid of regional and caucus representation on board- missing areas should be targeted with candidates for board positions.
Prepare list to discuss with board.
Becas: (Chalane and Armando) Five applications were received. Armando moves to allocate $3,000 to be awarded. Motion passed.
Book Award Committee: (Carlos) Selected recipient: Carlos Kevin Blanton—George I. Sanchez: The Long Fight for Mexican American Integration; Yale University Press.
NACCS Antonia Castañeda Prize Committee: No report.
NACCS Scholar Award: (Board) Two applications received; one did not meet agreed deadline or submission process. Discussion follows. Luis Torres selected.

Saturday, October 24, 2014
2015 Conference: Various items discussed: Pre-Conference newsletter, Registration, exhibits, trouble shooting, and other logistics. Estimated Conference Budget–Tabled. Conference Schedule—tentatively approved. Conference fees. Conference activities—Local site report. Resolutions Process and deadline—Follow last year’s procedure; At-Large reps will inform constituency’s about process/deadline; article in newsletter and pre-conference newsletter; leadership manual will be distributed before conference to Caucus Chairs and Foco Reps.

Unfinished business
Financial Report – Chalane. Discussion of financial status of NACCS.
Meeting adjourns.

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