Book Award Call for Submissions

The NACCS Book Award recognizes an outstanding new book in the field of Chicana and Chicano Studies. We will consider single-authored scholarly monographs and books published during 2015. Translations, reprints, re-editions of previously published works, edited volumes, multi-author collections of essays, or books previously nominated for this award, are not eligible. We invite nominations from NACCS members and publishers. Deadline: July 1, 2016. Direct questions

Any book(s) received that are published on the non nomination year, is not guaranteed to be held for the following year, will not be returned nor will the publisher/author/nominator be notified.

The award includes a $500.00 premium.  It is celebrated at the annual Awards ceremony during the conference.  The winner is introduced at the ceremony and gives a very brief statement.  Many candidates also present their books in author/signing events in the book exhibit area (usually supported by their press-who must pay for the exhibit space), some authors propose panels author/critic sessions.

There are 4 members of the committee.  Usually candidates and/or their editors make arrangements to send the 4 copies of the books.

A total of four (4) copies must be sent to NACCS. Send one (1) copy directly to the Chair of the Book Committee along with the letter of nomination (self-nominations are acceptable). And three (3) copies to NACCS for distribution to the committee members.  No CODs/No UPS/No FedEx please. Use the United State Postal Service only.

Mail addresses: No chair has been appointed. Please send the 4 copies to the address below.

P.O. BOX 720052
San José, CA  95172-0052

The DEADLINE for nominations of books published during 2015 is July 1, 2016.

2016: Carlos Kevin Blanton, George I. Sanchez: The Long Fight for Mexican American Integration. Yale University Press. 2014.
2015: Raul Coronado, A World Not to Come: A History of Latino Writing and Print Culture. Harvard University Press. 2013.
2014: Deborah Vargas, Dissonant Divas in Chicana Music: The Limits of La Onda. University of Minnesota Press. 2012.
2013: Martha Menchaca, Naturalizing Mexican Immigrants: A Texas History. University of Texas Press. 2011.
2012: David Montejano, Quixote’s Soldiers. University of Texas Press. 2010.
2011: Richard T. Rodriguez, Next of Kin: the Family in Chicano/a cultural politics.Duke University Press. 2009.
2010: William David Estrada. The Los Angeles Plaza: Sacred and Contested Space.University of Texas Press. 2008.


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