FINALLY, I get to be Past Chair!

by V. June Pedraza – NACCS Chair, 2016-2018

V. June Pedraza, Chair 2016-18

I have been a member of NACCS since I was in graduate school, and I have always believed in the work that this organization cultivates and engages in.  My work in the Tejas foco lead to my nomination for NACCS Chair.

The Foco and its membership taught me about what it was to be a Chicana in academia and in our community. I continue to draw support from the leadership in my foco as I continue to participate on the board.  As the chair of NACCS for the last two years, I find myself more engaged in keeping the organization alive and thriving.  I know that this year’s board will thrive and bring new ideas.   While I still have one more year remaining on the Board, I will always care for this organization and look forward to working with our new board members.

While technically I should have transitioned off the Board this year, I was drawn back to complete another year as Chair for 2017-2018. So now, as I finally take my role as Past-Chair, I have a greater appreciation for the work it takes to put on the national conference, as this is my third one that I have seen from beginning to end.  I must thank everyone for their participation at the NACCS 2018 conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was an amazing conference, and “The Queer Turn” brought about so many needed and great conversations within the academy.

Of course, I want to thank the hardworking NACCS board members for making this year’s conference happen. In addition, much appreciation is extended to the Midwest Foco for all the energy and work that made the conference memorable.

I am also very excited about this year’s NACCS board, and I am happy that Dr. Aureliano M. DeSoto will serve as the 2019 NACCS Board Chair.

Thank you again to all the NACCS members, and I look forward to NACCS 2019.

Summer 2018 – Vol. 43 No. 1

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