Leadership Meeting April 13, 12-1:15pm

In the hopes of fostering proactive leadership for NACCS Caucuses and FOCOs, this year we are hosting a leadership meeting for all current and/or aspiring Caucus Chairs and FOCO Reps. The leadership meeting will be an opportunity to engage with current Board members, as well as to be updated on NACCS processes related to leadership expectations, submitting resolutions, accessing your FOCO and Caucus funds, among other questions you may have. The goal is to help ensure that we have smooth transitions between Reps, Caucus Chairs and Board members as well as create avenues for new leadership. It will be a brief onboarding session and Q&A.

Zoom link: https://SDSU.zoom.us/j/82162262542 

Spring 2022, No. 47 No. 1

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