Membership Votes for the Formation of the Labor Caucus

Jennie Luna, NACCS Secretary

In my first task as incoming secretary of the board, I am pleased to inform the membership that the final results have been tabulated for the Labor Caucus resolution. The resolution passes with more than the  2/3 votes required of the total votes cast.
On a sobering note, only 11.6% of the overall membership cast their vote on this resolution. Of those 11.6%, 84.8% voted YES to the resolution and 15.2% voted NO; there were no abstentions.
I want to remind all NACCS members that your vote is your voice and we hope that members will make a more concerted effort in taking the time to make that voice heard. If there are suggestions of how to encourage a stronger voting presence, aside from the email reminders, please let me know:
As reminder to our new NACCS Labor Caucus In-formation (and all Caucuses within NACCS), according to our bylaws, each caucus must have at minimum 30 NACCS paid members. New caucuses, such as the Labor Caucus, will remain as an “ad hoc committee” for a period of two years. The committee must submit a mission statement, activity report, and membership list of NACCS paid members. Upon recommendation of the National Board, the committee can become a permanent caucus after the two year period. This is a statement from our bylaws:

Caucuses shall need a minimum of 30 members in good standing to be created, and maintained. If any Caucus falls below thirty members in good standing, they will have one year to regain the minimum membership for continuation. If this minimum is not reached within a year, the Caucus will be subject to dissolution by the National Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

This is simply a reminder to all caucuses to stay in communication with one another and remind each other to renew membership and pay caucus dues.

Congratulations to the new Labor Caucus.

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