NACCS Board Minutes for Spring 2017

By Jennie Luna, Secretary

Saludos fellow NACCSistas,

The Board continues to meet monthly to carry out the business of NACCS in preparation for our 2018 Conference. Below I have compiled some highlights and key points from our conference calls. In addition to organizing for the 2018 conference, we are also working to develop stronger communication with our foco membership and caucuses. We look forward to future planning and growth of our organization.

Consolidated minutes from our most recent board meetings:
We welcomed the new board members, Cecilia Aragon, Linda Heidenreich, and Aureliano DeSoto.

Closing out last year’s conference:

By-Laws & Non-profit status:
The Executive Director is leading the reincorporation of NACCS in the state of California, to be completed before the end of the year. The board hired Kim Mesa, MBA, as a consultant on the process and paperwork. She has helped us prepare and update our files and non-profit status. The organization remains in good standing, has had consistent bank reporting and tax filing. The board is currently working with our consultant to update our bylaws to comply with State’s regulations.

Committees updates:

-Cecilia Aragon is the committee chair for the Book Award
-Linda Heidenreich is the NACCS Board Liaison to the Antonia Castañeda Award
-Brenda Valle is the committee chair for the Student Premio Award
-Chalane Lechuga is the committee chair for the Immigrant Beca Award

Board positions

The board had one At-Large rep position open due to Alexandro Gradilla’s resignation and nominated Maria Gonzalez to return to the board for the remainder of the term. She accepted.

We also have a Chair vacancy and since Aureliano DeSoto wishes to remain and carry the duties of Chair-Elect; June Pedraza (the Immediate Past Chair) has agreed to stay on and serve as the interim Chair (2017-2018), carrying the duties associated with this position and serve as Past Chair (2018-2019).

The board encourages the membership to stay active in their focos and consider nomination for a position on the board in future.

Moving Forward with NACCS and our future:
As a board we are pursuing getting an outside consultant/evaluator to help our organization continue to be strong, solid and grow for the future. This will be addressed at the Midyear meeting and an adhoc committee has been formed within the board to pursue this. As a board we are interested in finding ways to get more feedback from the membership and are open to suggestions.

Fall 2017, Volume 42 No. 1

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