NACCS Immigrant Student Becas

by Armando Ibarra, At-Large Rep, NACCS Becas Committee Chair

Since 2008 NACCS has supported immigrant students by providing financial awards to help them pay their academic dreams. This year, the committee selected 6 students to receive the Immigrant Student Beca, they are: Chantiri Ramírez Resendiz, a graduate student at UCLA, Griselda Madrigal Lara, Undergraduate student, Sonoma State University, Margarita García-Villa, MAS Graduate student, San José State University, Marisela Hernández, Undergraduate student, Chico, State University, Gabriela E. Zamora-Muñoz, Undergraduate Student, University of Utah.

The Beca is supported by NACCS and through donations from our members. Consider making a donation today, go to the following LINK.

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