Welcoming New NACCS Board Members

We are pleased to introduce and welcome our two new board members:

Deena Gonzalez, Senior University Fellow and Professor of History, Gonzaga University, 2022-2023 Chair-Elect, and Jennifer Gómez Menjívar, Associate Professor, University of North Texas, At-large Representative. They join Maria Gonzalez, Roberto Hernandez, Chalane Lechuga, William Calvo, Francisco Villegas, Rob Unzueta, and Julia Curry as part of the 2022-223 NACCS Board. 

Deena Gonzalez

Professor Gonzalez, has been a member of NACS/NACCS since she was a graduate student at UC Berkeley.  Her contributions to the organization are countless and having elected Prof. Gonzalez as Chair-Elect and Chair of NACCS provides us not only experience in the organization but also in the academy.  

Jennifer Gomez

Prof. Gomez Menjivar was a student of Chicano Studies at CSUN under the mentorship of well known scholars and NACCS members like Rudy Acuna, Mary Pardo, and Marta Lopez-Garza.  The lessons learned in CSUN led her to take a leadership role in the Midwest Foco in 2018 and now looks forward to her At-Representative role in the NACCS Board. 

Please help welcome Deena and Jennifer. You can reach them at Deena@naccs.org or Jennifer@naccs.org

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