2016 NACCS Annual Conference Board Meetings

2016 NACCS Annual Conference Board Meetings

Following minutes have been amended for space purposes.

Present—Carlos Guerrero, Nelia Olivencia, June Pedraza, Ed Munoz, Chalane Lechuga, Maria Gonzalez, Armando Ibarra, Aureliano DeSoto, Kathryn Blackmer Reyes; Julia Curry Rodriguez

– Review of  the Leadership Agenda and Script that Julia sent us  — this is very important Reviewed sections assigned to Board members to present at Leadership Orientation meeting on Friday; Ed created a PowerPoint for Friday meeting

– Review of Board Duties and Responsibilities (review of Board Handbook)   – see  organizational  charts and Board Handbook Draft handout—Each board member will review their section and provide feedback to June Pedraza by April 30; June will compile suggested edits; redistribute to Board for May 13 conference call

Old Business

– Communication Director  — see semi-finalized description–Tabled

– Horacio N. Roque-Ramirez Endowment—Ed motioned that the Board support a resolution from the membership to rename the Immigrant Student Beca to the Horacio N. Roque-Ramirez Immigrant Student Becca. Maria seconded. Motion passed unanimously

– Leadership (Foco and Caucus Handbook) handout –see organizational and At-Large Rep flow charts in Leadership orientation PowerPoint; also mention the issue of caucus dissolution if their membership goes below 30 members

– Election Results 13.3% of 406 eligible voters

– American Library Association Resolution—Resolution to remove “illegal alien” from all listings.  A letter of support should be prepared encouraging them in support of their demand to President Snyder

– NACCS Financial Health—After significant discussion on the financial accountability of the organization, Ed motioned to partially pay NACCS Executive Director Julia Curry Rodriguez $7,000 out of current operating balance for services rendered; Armando Ibarra seconded the motion; the motion passed unanimously.

– The request to create Caucus en Español/Espanglish and Labor Issues Proposal*– already submitted. Might have two new caucus resolutions if we have 30 signatures; remind membership of caucus enrollment requirements

– Process used to create New Caucus/Dissolution of Caucus—remind caucuses of required enrollment figures. 30 signatures for each caucus; also reminder should be sent to caucuses and focos when each falls below the 30 membership number requirement

– A guideline on how to proceed with “Indigenous ceremony” in future conferences—Will be developed by the new Chair-Elect who is the program chair for 2017 NACCS; Ed will find the past email chain concerning this issue for policy development

– A survey for feedback on NACCS conference – Julia may have sample copy—We do not have the resources nor instruments to effectively assess activities; will discuss at next conference call

– Feedback for NACCS Newsletter that Carlos developed–tabled


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