NACCS Board Minutes, Annual Meeting 2018

Board minutes

edited for space

Conference Report/updates from Julia: this year Jamie is doing registration on her own; Alex Greene will come in, but she will need some help; Registration opens at 3:30 and she may need help setting up. Board needs to go help her Wed evening and Thursday morning registration.

Had pre-conference meeting with hotel personnel: 533 room nights, roughly 180 rooms booked throughout the conference.

Food & Beverage: following plenaries, 100 box lunches prioritized for students; 10 can get pulled away for the board during our meeting.

Expenses/Numbers for 2018 Conference

AV equipment: $21,000 with service and tax (including our discount); excludes cost of Cultural night which is paid by Univ. of Minnesota. Discussion of AV expenses continues.

Registration: Low, only 200 pre-registered, but 400+ on the program. Need to have membership/participants to register online. Invoices are time consuming to create and need to eliminate or rethink.

Financial issues: Need to remind the body of the many items NACCS pays for with membership which they benefit from.

Exhibitors: We have been very successful in our public relations in how we treat our vendors. Univ. of AZ can’t sell books here (because don’t have permit to sell), but still came.

 Social Media: We have a social media person from the hotel who helped us with our promotion (#NACCS, etc); helps with publicity, undgrad student at University of Minnesota Journalism, Directed Communications, getting assessment data. He met with Kathy & Julia to create shells to use with SnapChat, using a template. Costs money to NACCS= space (portion of hotel we will have this available) x hours. $20 each time, totaling~$100. This publicity will help provide an idea for next year.

Student Plenary Hour: Given that there was just one student awardee and he was unable to attend, the Board decides to cancel the presentation and allow participants to determine their own activity.




Past 8 years including 2018

2008-Tejas- Austin

2009- East Coast – New Brunswick, NJ

2010- PNW – Seattle, W

2011-SCAL- Pasadena

2012-MW – Chicago, IL

2013-Tejas – San Antonio

2014-RM – Salt Lake City, UT

2015-NCAL – San Francisco, CA

2016-CO – Denver

2017-SCAL – Irvine, CA

2018- MW – St. Paul, MN

2019 – RM or Pacific Northwest

Our effort since 2003 has been to rotate the conference to cover all of our regional Focos. In 2016 we finally returned to Colorado, which had been off since the 1994 boycott. Note that 2008 and 2013 went to Tejas (with the 2013 site selection made by resolution from Arturo Madrid and Norma Cantu). We resumed the rotation in 2014 with RM, which was pushed out by Tejas in 2013. Because of revenue potential, we made a decision to go to regions with higher membership in Tejas and CA on a greater frequency schedule – every 5 years, rather than every 9 years. All other areas are inserted based on the last time the conference was in the region, but roughly every 7 years.

Summer 2018 – Vol. 43 No. 1

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