2018 NACCS Resolutions and New Procedure

From the Board:

NACCS 2018 Resolutions:

  1. Defending Academic Freedom on all College and University Campuses, Northern CA Foco
  2. Establishing Ethnic Studies as a Graduation Requirement in California High Schools, Northern CA Foco (endorsed by SoCal Foco)
  3. University/College Sanctuary policies Resisting Anti-Immigrant Discourse and Federal Immigration Policy,Northern CA Foco
  4. Resolution in defense of academic freedom and freedom of speech for Professor Abdulhadi, Palestinian scholar-activists, student-activists, and their allies, Indigenous Caucus

Approved the following resolution at the business meeting:

  1. Treasurer-Elect Resolution

Link to Full Text NACCS Resolutions 2018

New Resolution Procedure Introduced (Update July 2018)

After many years of discussion, a change to the procedure for submitting resolutions was used for the 2018 conference. The Board asked Foco and Caucus leadership to work with their members to deliberate and begin the procedure prior to the conference. The new calendar for submission asked for resolutions be sent in fourteen (14) days before the beginning of the conference to allow the Board to review, comment, and begin communications with the Leadership giving everyone sufficient time to prepare the documents to be presented the membership for voting and/or deliberation.

Five resolutions were submitted and voted on at the annual meetings. In general, Foco Reps and Caucus Chairs were favorable to the new process as it also gave them greater time to do work ahead of the conference which freed them for greater engagement during the conference. No negative comments were received regarding this process. Therefore, we will have a pro-forma resolution from the board to integrate this process into the existing by-laws.

Here is the link to the New Resolution Procedure.

Summer 2018 – Vol. 43 No. 1


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